special A-line dress

V is for versatile

Every piece in this collection can be worn and combined in different ways, giving you a great deal of wearing pleasure. A dress which you can wear with sneakers during the day can also look festive when combined with a knee-length cardigan and some great shoes. And the colours are coordinated, making it easy for you to mix and match!

slim tunic shortsleeves

E is for elegance

Although your wardrobe should naturally include a well-fitting pair of jeans, a flattering dress will do much more for your self-confidence. It's the season of enjoyable social events such as spring festivals, weddings and barbecues. What better reason to get dressed up from time to time? Compliments guaranteed! And a happy mummy makes for a happy baby…

Tropical L.O.V.E.

Veiled in soft pastels, this summer Fragile will tempt you with tropical prints and the wonderfully comfy fabrics that make this maternity collection so unique.

L is for leaves

Leaves are all the rage this spring and summer! Whether life-sized or teeny-tiny, tropical leaves and charming petals abound in Fragile’s prints and patterns: we resolutely opt for leaf designs as a symbol of new life! These provide a light-hearted touch alongside the pastel-coloured, plain fabrics with their attractive details.

O is for original

Off-the-shoulder tops, midi lengths, lace tops… there's nothing to stop you looking fantastic and fashionable during your pregnancy! You can find loose T-shirts and sweaters anywhere, but at Fragile we genuinely design for a growing belly from week 1. So it's an illusion that you can only wear your maternity clothes for a short time: if you can wear them from week 1, it means you can wear them afterwards too! We only use fabrics that really keep their shape.

skinny lace dress
High summer dress

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